A time of renewal


258 missionaries serving in rural communities in Northern Nigeria gathered at Alone with God (Kwali, Abuja) for a time of renewal through God’s love from 24th to 26th May 2018. Organized by Shining Light Kingdom Builders Church, this was the 4th Love Conference of its kind since God placed it on our hearts to take care of, show the love of God to, and remind the missionaries that God sees them, He hears them and He cares for them. These missionaries were catered to by volunteers from Shining Light Kingdom Builders church, working alongside visiting ministers and the senior pastor.


The theme was a time of renewal in His presence, and the missionaries were shown godly love in every way possible. They were fed as much as they could eat (three square meals a day), accommodated at Alone With God, taught the Word, prayed for and ministered to. It was all about the Father’s love and it truly was a blessed time of renewal. At the end of the conference the missionaries left equipped with handouts that they will use to teach and strengthen the faith of their converts until the next Love Conference which will take place in November 2018. Other gifts included a quarter bag of rice for each missionary, a welfare allowance of N3,000 each, four generators (for four more missionaries to literally be the only light in a dark village where this is little to no power supply) and audio and physical Bibles.


The missionaries came from the outskirts of Abuja, Kano, Kaduna and Bauchi States for this critical and much needed break from their harsh realities. The churches in the Northern parts of Nigeria have been hit really hard and they needed us to strengthen them, which is why God sent and equipped us to do just that. These missionaries are operating by themselves in these villages, they are disconnected from other believers, their communities/hometowns and from their extended families (some of whom have disowned them) and it is easy to get discouraged. Those they are ministering to are opposing them and they face all kinds of physical and spiritual challenges daily. Many missionaries have shared with us that at times their strength fails them and they wonder if God sent them, if God knows what they are doing and if they should be there.


Our purpose was therefore to embrace them and assure them that God loves them. We did as we were commanded and the missionaries were empowered, refreshed and renewed. The teaching sessions were deep, impactful, Bible based and hardcore. Many times they went late into the nights with praise and worship (ministered by the Tribe of Judah) creating an atmosphere of heaven on earth. The missionaries were hungry for the Word and the Lord filled them up! Praise Jesus! They got loved, fed, taught and equipped to go back and continue their mission as frontline soldiers of Christ in the battle of Kingdom expansion and soul winning.


God showed Himself to be faithful throughout the planning and execution phases of this act of love. He showed us that when He gives us a Word we need to keep moving in faith and the expectations of the righteous will surely not be cut off. On the 24th May 2018 we had less than half of the funds we needed for the conference. We simply had enough money for accommodation and we moved on in faith. As we began to show love and teach them all about the Father’s love calls and donations poured in and we were able to meet and exceed our budget.


At the Love Conference, preaching and teachings were delivered by Pastor Tunde Dada, and guest speakers including Pastor Segun, Pastor Smart, Dr. Bassey and skills acquisition training from the One J Foundation led by their founder, Ms. Offiong Archibong. Every teaching was based on God’s love. It was new, it was fresh, it worked, it was all God. We taught on grace and God strengthened them to be able to go back and strengthen the others. The missionaries truly were able to testify of the love of God found in Philemon 1:7 “For we have great joy and consolation in your love, because the hearts of the saints have been refreshed by you, brother.”


The Love Conference is extremely important to God as the missionaries truly express the Father’s heart, going to the ends of the Earth to preach the Good News. Our Love Conferences are actually bigger than the church and it’s no surprise – after all we are a church without borders! Each of our missionaries has oversight over 50 to 100 people, so through this Love Conference we were able to touch 258 people who will go back and touch between 12,900 and 25,800 people. There is no limit to how far the Father’s love can reach when you are obedient to His call.


The Love Conference was filled with testimonies of God’s love and His wonder working power. Many of these testimonies were connected to our last love conference and many came during this one. It was an awesome time, Father God truly moved. We have pledged to not only hold a second love conference in November (as it is a biannual commitment), but to also hold a love conference in Kano this October.


As usual we will be holding a Missionary Day before the Love Conference to introduce people to the missionaries; share about their plight, challenges and love work; and to raise funds for the work the missionaries do, their needs, the welfare of their children and the funds needed to take care of their converts. The missionaries do not go to heaven after the long conference – they still need so many resources to equip them for this calling. Our commitment to the missionaries is 24/7. They are verified and we partner with them on everything. The need does not end on Love Conference or Missionary Day, it is a full time commitment. We spend more in between love conferences than on love conferences and we need your help to continue to partner with these men and women at the forefront of Kingdom expansion.


Shining Light Kingdom Builders Church has been called to partner with these missionaries fulltime, to love on them and to cater to their needs. We are committed to doing so all year round. The commandment to make disciples of all men and to spread the Gospel can be undertaken through going or praying and sending. Join us in praying and sending, beloved. Consider partnering with us faithfully on a monthly basis to send our missionaries help through your donations. The Lord will truly bless you and reward as you commit to doing so in Jesus name.



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