About Shining Light Kingdom Builders

Shining Light Kingdom Builders Church is an outreach ministry empowering God’s children with a deeper revelation of the Father’s love and Word, while providing food, medicine, clothes and welfare to about one thousand people each month. We exemplify our vision of “Loving God and Loving People” by facilitating numerous monthly outreaches, including our Children’s Outreach, Rural Settlement Outreach, Medical Outreach, Prison Outreach and our missionary-focused bi-annual Love Conference. We also sponsor over a lot of children in school, we feed them daily and we spend time with them every Saturday. Our focus and foundation is love demonstrated. Our values are Love, Integrity and Purity

We are a church without borders, shining light wherever we are. We believe that the ministry of the saints is outside of the four walls of the church. Therefore our focus and influence is outside the confines of church and beyond our weekly services. If you can relate to this, your place is here with us. We are givers at heart, mandated to create a world of love, joy and compassion. As compassionate people, we do something about the needs that we see because we love with the hope that souls will be saved and lives will be touched by the Word of God

Our Mandate: Love Demonstrated –

This defines who we are. We have received Father God’s love and are now living a life expressing that love to the others.

Our Vision:

To build an army of compassionate people filled with God’s love, who love God with a passion and really love people. An uncompromising people on fire for God. Shining the light of God wherever they are and wherever they go, influencing and affecting people, situations and nations. Loving, giving, saving souls, walking in integrity and establishing the Kingdom of God. An engine for creating love based thoughts, plans and actions all over the world resulting in the saving of multitudes of souls.

Our Mission:

Taking the love and the Word of God out to the people all over the world

Our mission is six-fold:

  • Saving souls and populating Heaven
  • Teaching the complete word of God with clarity and applicability.
  • Filling hearts to capacity with the love and the Word of God.
  • Taking the love and the Word of God out to the people all over the world.
  • Touching lives with the love of God by feeding the hungry, clothing the naked and helping the poor.
  • To be an expression of God’s love to the world.