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Imagine if God called you to leave everything behind and go and preach the gospel in a strange remote hostile community. Here you have no electricity supply and inadequate education for your children. The only way to travel between communities is to walk for at least 3 to 5 hours each day. As you spread the good news those desperate for Jesus convert to Christianity, but are then rejected from their families and communities. Your ministry and household begin to grow as you become responsible for the sheltering and feeding of your new converts. Imagine struggling to make ends meet with no regular source of income and rising costs. Imagine combatting illnesses without access to doctors or medicine. This is the reality for many missionaries.

The Lord laid it in our hearts to reach out to these missionaries who are at the forefront of Kingdom expansion. As Christians who love God we must either pray, go or send. At Shining Light we have partnered with those who have chosen to go into full time missions by praying for them, loving on them and sending them (through the provision of resources and funds and biannual Love conferences where we minister to them).

To respond to the missionaries’ practical needs we have:

  • Basic Needs –food, clothing, Bibles, Christian literature and skills acquisitions for missionaries and converts
  • Food Bank – where missionaries can come and collect food for themselves and the converts
  • Transportation – raising funds to purchase motorbikes for our missionaries
  • Water Filtration Systems & Bore holes – Most of the mission fields don’t have clean drinkable water. Many missionaries get very sick from having to drink the water that is available in those areas. There is a great need for water filtration systems and bore holes in some communities.
  • Generators – the majority of missionaries serve in communities that are not connected to the electricity grid

Please join us in empowering these missionaries who are at the forefront of Kingdom expansion with your donations.

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