Missionary Support

‘And He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature…’ (Mark 16:15)

A lot of missionaries are like soldiers forgotten on the battlefield disconnected from their base. Sometimes disheartened, sometimes on the verge of quitting. God has sent us to these missionaries to embrace them and show and tell them that, He loves them, He knows them, He sees their sacrifice and their reward will not be lost.

Shining Light Kingdom Builders Church is called to support and encourage these missionaries. We honor and celebrate the sacrificial lives and work of these men and women at the forefront of Kingdom Expansion. We host bi annually a ‘Shining Light Missionary Day’ to expose the unthinkable challenges and amazing price that these missionaries are paying for the expansion of God’s Kingdom, mostly in rural areas. Watch this video to learn more about the experiences of the amazing missionaries from different mission fields.

As a ministry, we are motivated by the belief that God wants to use us as His hands and feet to fulfil His good and perfect will for His children. As such, we continue to support missionaries living in far and “forgotten” communities, reminding them that our God – Jehovah El Roi (Genesis 16:7-13) sees them. We also spearhead local missions within the Federal Capital Territory every two months..

To support our missionaries on the field, please make donations payable to:

Shining Light Missionary Support
Zenith Bank Nigeria

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